Mr. Feron was a founding partner, managing director and General Counsel of Redhill Realty Investors, an institutional multifamily real estate operating company.  He was responsible for developing the company’s financial and legal underwriting processes as well as leading transaction activity.  He structured several hundred million dollars of complex institutional joint ventures with equity partners including GE, Bank of America, AEW and others. 
The firm currently assists clients in all aspects of simple and complex real estate transactions including:
  • Negotiating and structuring complex institutional joint venture real estate acquisitions
  • Structuring various investment funds including:
    • Individual private syndications
    • Discretionary/ Non-discretionary co-investment pools
    • Real Estate Private Equity Funds
  • Private acquisitions of real estate
  • Commercial Real Estate (including, office buildings, mixed-use, parking garages, and shopping centers)
  • Form and advise corporations, special purpose entities, partnerships and joint ventures regarding acquisitions, sales, development and financing of real estate projects (including 1031 exchanges)
  • Negotiate and draft purchase and sale agreements
  • General landlord representation on leasing and general matters
  • Represent institutional lenders, mortgage banks and mortgage brokers in financing of real estate loans (negotiate and draft credit agreements/notes, security agreements, mortgages, and fixture filings)
  • Private loan placement and foreclosures